The wedding is over!

We survived, and everything went well! We also survived the honeymoon and now we're back in the country.

Thank you so much to everybody who came to our wedding, and for helping us have a fantastic day! The sun shone, everyone looked amazing, the food was delicious, the band were great and you all loved the glow-sticks!

We wanted to share our vows and other things from the ceremony as we know a few people have requested them, and we also wanted to share the details of the companies we used in case anyone else is getting married in the area, because they were all very good!

And finally we wanted to put up a few photos of the day and of the honeymoon. I'm sure we'll bore most of you to tears with the full albums at some point though...

Thanks again, and enjoy!

(P.S. the original pre-wedding site is still here if you need to, I dunno, find a car park or a hotel in Leicester at some point... :)